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Judges 2023

Joss G0mez

Joss Gomez

An international award winner, producer, director, and entrepreneur. Joss is also a publisher of Magic Image Hollywood Magazine, actor, musician with background of a lawyer. Joss was born in Mexico City where he graduated from law school (UNAM) and also studied Communications in Texas (UTEP)

Anastasia Siritsa

Anastasia Siritsa

Former Ms Perfect Lady 2018

Anastasia Siritsa is an actress, standup comedienne and Tarot, Astrology and Numerology expert.

Layla Najafe

Laya Najafe

Layla Najafe is the President of Mrs. Universal Empire, and well-known in the world of fashion and movie industry. Her mission is to empower women of all ages and ethnics. She has been involved charities around the world, including supporting eldrlies, orphanages, mental health issues, homelessness.

If you are interested to be a judge on the show, then email us your resume for a consideration.

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