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Natalya Korol

Founder | Event Organizer | Producer

Natalya Korol Multi –talented producer, Founder of Thumbelina Production and the Creative Director of Etiquette academy Perfect Lady  & Perfect Gentleman ™ publisher "Hollywood People” magazine and writer of the fantasy book ‘Pink Planet” Natalya Korol is a Woman of many talents and abilities. She’s a success not just because of  her talents, but becuse of who she is. She works hard to put LOVE into the projects she creates.  As they say, “Success is not a destination, it’s a journey,” and Natalya’s life is a proof of that. In 2000, Natalya worked as a producer of “Hollywood Creative Art Studio” and the performers that she worked with won the dance competition in “Orange County International Awards.” They won a second place trophy and on New Year’s Eve they performed “Snow Queen” show with other dancers in an ice skating performance.

Natalya also appeared in a commercial for the Club “For You” that was featured on Channel 18; the commercial aired on Channel E and Bravo. Moreover, Natalya performed in many Comedy Clubs in Los Angeles.

 Natalya’s Show Winner 2017 Miss Perfect Lady & Gentlemen Elly Elles, was featured in fashion week Rome, Italy. In 2018 Natalya  was awarded the title “Best Producer” for her show ‘Perfect Lady & Perfect Gentleman” in a Hollywood film Festival. On March 8, 2020 Natalya was awarded the title” Women of the Year” on International Womens day. This intelligent and hardworking woman has founded many projects on both sides of the world.

In Ukraine, Natalya is known as a producer of Ukrainian Folk Theater and a TV producer for several TV shows in Lviv.  Here, in the United States, her first job was as a producer in Ukrainian Center. She’s also known as a casting director for many beauty pageants. She represented candidates for the beauty pageant “Mrs. World.”

 She was also an event coordinator for many Red Carpet events with celebrities and other different private events. Moreover, Natalya is the founder of “Thumbelina Production” and “Etiquette Academy.” Most importantly, she plays a huge part as a creative director of the Competition Perfect Lady  & Perfect Gentleman™. Her unique, fresh, and bright ideas allow the company to keep moving forward at a productive and fast pace. In October 2021 Natalya Korol was a judge on the 1-ST International beauty pageant:’MRS.UNIVERSAL EMPIRE in London, England. In October 2021 and 2023 Natalya Korol was a judge on the  International beauty pageant:’MRS.UNIVERSAL EMPIRE in London, England. 

She is looking forward to creating more successful events in making stars out of her Contestants and sponsors!


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Ella Laca

Co-Producer | Talent Coordinator | Choreographer

Ella was born in the historic city of Kiev, Ukraine, showcased her passion for the arts early on, mastering ballet, ice skating, and choreography. Seeking new horizons, she moved to the US in her early twenties, where her talents flourished in a new direction. Ella transitioned into the world of beauty and skincare, becoming a dedicated esthetician and beauty consultant with an emphasis on makeup. Beyond her professional endeavors, Ella's heart resonates deeply with art, music, and the timeless allure of classic movies. 

Ella Friedman
DJ Darena

DJ Darena

DJ | Talent Coordinator | Co-

Darena was born in Kyrgyzstan. She finished music school in Russia, and she took Music Recording class in Texas. Dj Darena was invited to be a judge in talent competition for "Voldo Production" in 2012. 

In California, Darena played as a DJ on different Red Carpet events such as movie premiers, festivals, fashion shows. In 2014, she produced and wrote a song "Feeling Happy" with Gemini Music (producer/sound engineer for top artists in the world, such as Justin Bieber, Snoop Dog, Justin Timberlake, etc)  and talented singer Jesse Jam Miranda. This song opened our show "Mrs. Perfect Lady USA" in 2016. According to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines, Darena made the "Best French Dance Song" in 2012 and 2013. She was on the first place there. They published her on many international websites including firs places and pages, too.

In 2015, DJ Darena also became MC host and sound engineer for fundraising shows. 

Tatiana Davidov

Co-Producer | Photographer | Web Designer | Social Media Marketer

Tatiana is Canon vetted photographer and WIX web design Expert

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Tatiana Davidov
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