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The Rules


                                                  PAGEANT RULES AND REGULATIONS


1. Each delegate must be at least 18 years old.


2. Each delegate must have knowledge of the country and the culture they represent.


3. Delegates are responsible from their own transportation, accommodations, hair and make-up artists at all time.


4. Delegates must not have a visible tattoo.


5. Delegates are responsible from bringing the national costume of the country they represent.


6. Delegates must attend all the rehearsal/trainings before the final show and must be on time.


7. Each delegate must attend the final show.


8. Perfect Lady and Perfect Gentleman 2019 title holders will be selected by the judges on the pageant show night based on talent, national costume, evening gown, swimsuit and popularity.


9. Each delegate will receive a participation certificate regardless winning the competition.


10. The winners of Perfect Lady & Perfect Gentleman 2019 will receive an official crown and sash as well as many gifts from sponsors.


11. Thumbelina Production reserves the right to distribute the prizes at any time within 12 months from the pageant show day.


12. The winners are expected to attend to the red-carpet events invited by Thumbelina Production after the pageant.


13. Perfect Lady & Perfect Gentleman name has a Federal Trademark. It is owned and operated by Thumbelina production. Therefore, any use of the name public, private, TV, photos or any appearances must get prior written approval from Thumbelina Production.


14. All delegates must be committed to adhere to all the pageant requirements and Rules & Regulations.


15. Each delegate must fill out and sign Delegate Application form and Rules & Regulations.


Failure to comply and adhere to the requirement, rules and regulations of the pageant will result in garnishing any gifts, prizes, titles and anything attached herewith.

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