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Miss Perfect Lady 2019

Perfect Lady shoot_D81_7985
Avital Khazanov, Ukraine

Height: 170 cm
Profession: Real Estate Professional

Origin: Ukraine
Language/s Spoken: English, Russian, Hebrew

Avital Khazanov is an LA based real estate professional who was born and raised in Ukraine. In her early years, she was involved in theatre, touring and performing plays throughout Ukraine. She speaks several languages including Russian, Ukrainian, and Hebrew. At Kharkov National University, she earned a Master’s Degree in Finance and gained multiple years of experience selling real estate overseas. For the past 10 years, Avital has been a sought-after real estate professional specializing in investments. Her current hobbies include fashion, travel and belly dancing. She is also an enthusiastic painter, often gifting heartfelt paintings to her friends and clients.

Mr. Perfect Gentleman 2019

Henry Salazar, Peru

Height: 176 cm
Profession: Dancer
Origin: Peru
Language/s Spoken: English, Spanish

Henry is a dancer, choreographer, world traveler, and an entrepreneur. He is currently studying at California State University of Los Angeles for his bachelor's degree in Business Administration Entrepreneurship.  He has created 2 companies in the past, Nspire 4More and The Artwork Dance. He is humble, social, caring, and most importantly someone who loves dancing! He has not only traveled to different parts of the world, but has won numerous amounts of world championships throughout his dancing career. He has danced many dance styles from latin music to folk music: Salsa, Bachata, caporales, festejo, cumbia, punta, merengue, bhangra, and many more.

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